Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks

Coffee - black or with milk and / or sugar D50

Tea - British tea D50

Lemon Grass Tea - a delicious Gambian speciality D75 

Cold Drinks

All available with added ice if you want it!

Chilled Bottled Water small 0.5L D50 Large 1.5L D75

Tonic Water - plain or with ice and a slice of fresh lime D50

Wonja Juice - an African red berry juice. Per glass D100

Boabab Juice - made from Boab tree fruit - a super healthy vitamin drink per glass D100

Orange Juice - packaged juice per glass D100

Pineapple Juice - packaged juice per glass D100

Bottled Soft Drinks

Coca Cola - with or without ice D50

Fanta - with or without ice D50

Sprite - with or without ice D50

Malta - with or without ice D50

Vimto - with or without ice D50

Fruit Cocktail - with or without ice D50 



The Gambia's best beer by far! D150 per bottle
Now sadly no longer brewed in the Gambia! Hard to get hold of and expensive. Now produced as a premium beer by a Senegalese brewery to the original recipe but with enhanced quality control.

Crystal - imported beer D100

Flag - imported beer D125

Codeys - imported beer D125

Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic - with ice and a slice of lime - a heavenly aperitif for the tropics D200

House Wine

House Wine Pearly Bay Red Wine - Per glass D250 or Per bottle D800 

Pearly Bay Dry White Wine (Chilled) - Per glass D250 or Per bottle D800

Pearly Bay Sweet White Wine (Chilled) - Per glass D250 or Per bottle D800

Spirits and Fortified Wines

Gin per measure D150

Whisky per measure D150

Rum per measure D150

Martini per measure D150

Baileys per measure D175

Vodka per measure D150

Brandy per measure D150

Campari per measure D150

Tia Maria per measure D175